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fraîche in depth

After a bit of career experimentation and mind-changes (I chalk it up to being a creative thinker, you know we can’t make choices when faced with too many options), I have decided my passion for writing can no longer be left on the back burner. With an almost equal passion for food, I have decided to combine the two and pursue a career in food writing. La Femme Fraîche is the outlet for my constant thoughts about food, my passion to write incessantly and my need to hone my skill.

I know exactly what I want in life (I think?) I want a job that fulfills me, on most days at least, in the world of words. I want to live in a house slightly secluded from the city (with easy access to a highway, however), near the water (a pool will gladly be accepted as a substitute), designed with preference made to the kitchen space, fully equiped with a brick-backyard grill/fireplace (of my Terracina dreams), a big dumb yellow lab, and a slightly aged SUV and of course, a happy family…

I am a story-teller, by nature, and my curiosity knows no bounds. I will not rest until I uncover the tale behind every magical dish that crosses my path(and enters my belly)….

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  1. Kathlien Tozzi permalink
    July 19, 2010 6:02 pm

    Thank you so much for your detailed description of what our Woodbridge Farmer’s market has to offer in our community.

    I hope to meet you and see you there.

    Kathlien Tozzi
    Woodbridge Farmer’s
    Market Volunteer

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