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i’m so fraîche, i even got a tanning bed in my house

November 17, 2010

No, actually, I don’t have a tanning bed in my house. I’m simply paying homage to Jersey Shore. So what if I’m addicted? Don’t judge me, you know you have your own weird addictions too…

I woke up this morning, after a solid 7 hour sleep, a rarity in my cursed insomniac life, and decided that today would be a Feel Good Day.

Yup, I am an extreme cheese ball. Especially when it comes to things such as health and fitness and body image. I’ve struggled a lot in my life when it comes to my weight. From being overweight and depressed, sneaking obscene amounts of treats to make myself feel better when no one was around, to being active and happy but always struggling to reach a goal, to being too thin, to being scared to gain it all back…it is a never-ending battle, no matter what side of the spectrum you are on.

I think that no matter how happy someone might be in their skin, we all have our bad days, and in those times of need, we could all use a little reminder on how to rid ourselves of such nastiness. So I’d like to share with you the little things that made today that extra bit more special, despite the fact that my itinerary involved nothing outside the ordinary, my version of the good old G.T.L…..

Hurdle One: My a.m. date with Real Club Training

I begin almost everyday with a session at the gym. It is where I find my solace, it is where I regain my strength–emotional, physically, mentally, it is where I am most honest and vulnerable and comfortable in my skin.

I owe a lot of my progress to what I’ve been able to build myself up to do at the gym…I’ve recently undergone a workout makeover, cutting my cardio from 60+minutes (eek) to a mere 30 (or more, including cool down stuff)…and increasing my weight training sessions. Here’s a sample of what I do that gets me skipping to my car, to work, and even right to bed…I’m always eager to get workout tips from others (DJ and MM  are probably sick and tired of me constantly  interrupting their training sessions to ask for new work out tips) so I figure it’s about time I share a little bit of my wealth.


3 minutes warm up-walking-4.2mph

10 minutes running at 7.9mph, 0.5% incline

10 minutes of intervals, 45 seconds each, 7.9mph (low), 8.1mph(high)

2 minutes running at 7.6mph

10 minutes on elliptical, always on the Random program, at varying levels…13 or 14

Tuesday’s Weight Training Program: Back and Triceps

Do these four back exercises four times each, sets of about 12-15

Cybex Chin Assist Machine

Low Row with Barbell

Cable Standing Straight Bar Press Down

Lower Back Extension

Do these three bicep exercises four times each, sets of about 12-15

What I’m listening to…

If it weren’t for music, and my iPod, I’m convinced I’d be about 15 pounds behind in my weight loss progress…

Bruno Mars-Grenade

Katy Perry-Firework

Robyn-Dancing on my Own

Shakira feat. Dizziee Rascal-Loca

The Ting Tings- Hands

Kesha- We R Who We R

Travie McCoy feat. Kesha- Want You Bad

Fefe Dobson- Rock Star

Trey Songs ft. Nicki Minaj-Bottoms Up

Black Eyed Peas- The Time (The Dirty Bit)

Pink- Raise Your Glass

Anything by DJ MKutz- a DJ friend of mine whose worked at clubs like Hyde, Vogue, 1812 Thompson Hotel, won several competitions…he did all our music for the fashion shows I organized and he has some amazing mix tapes up on his site:

My daily diet

Growing up in an Italian neighbourhood, with Italian relatives, it’s no surprise that my heart belongs properly to pasta and pizza before it belongs to any other human…I was dubbed Pasta Queen by my family before I could put together a grammatical sentence. Unfortunately, my metabolism does not allow for these types of indulgences daily (especially not the two-bowl-serving I enjoyed as my previous chubbier self), as much as I love to dream, talk, read and tweet about them. I usually focus on eating healthy 5-6 days a week and cheat my way through the rest of the meals. Thank GOD I am a natural herbivore…seriously…I drool at the thought of a hearty salad, especially after a few days of being off the wagon. And fruit. But those cravings come to me thanks to my seriously out of control sweet tooth. No problem, protein powder can easily satisfy that one…

My meals on regular days can be organized into two categories: my protein yogurt concoction (which serves as my breaky, along with a Bartlett Pear, and as a mid-day snack), my salads (always loaded with veggies, high protein fish or meat (tuna, salmon, chicken, lean turkey sausages, boiled eggs, edamame beans, chickpeas, cheese), plates and plates of veggies and dip (hummus, dijon, light mayo), and of course, my post-meal ritual, a rip of whole wheat toast bread smeared with a large dollop of PB, and often some Nutella (or if that’s out of my pantry stock, a square of dark chocolate, white chocolate, or honey)…I know, it sounds boring, but I actually miss it when it’s not around. Whenever I go on vacation, I always request that a large chicken salad be my welcome home meal.

The Cheat Day

Honestly, the most essential part of my life. No seriously…when people ask me that stupid stranded on a desert island question, my answer is I’d bring my cheat day, and a box of cereal. Cheat days are necessary to maintain sanity. It makes it more tolerable for me to not stray from the golden path all week when I know I have a certain night out, restaurant reso, craving, to indulge in on the weekend. And when I say I indulge, oh, I indulge. This is a no-holds-bar situation. On one of my cheat days at Ciao, I cleaned all my plates, basically licked them, and then assisted my mom and my over 6 foot tall brother sweep up their last crumbs.

On the shelf

I am actually a huge nerd. When I’m not at work, you can often find me bundled up in my favourite blanket, toe to toe with my mom, with our most recent library finds stuck directly under our noses. Mel Sac, the token non-reader of the house (booooo), often tries to sabotage our mental escapades by barging in and chatting our mind right out of whatever land we may have placed ourselves in. (she didn’t learn to speak till she was 3, I guess she’s making up for lost time). After going on a mystery binge, i felt the need for a lighter read, so right now I’m into a book by Elizabeth Adler-Summer in Tuscany

Other recent reads and past favourties:

Sue Monk Kidd-The Mermaid Chair

Tess Gerritsen-Ice Cold

Mary Lawson-Crow Lake

Jodie Picoult-Nineteen Minutes

Kathleen Finn- The Sharper The Knife The Less You Cry

Frank Bruni-Born Round

Wendy Webb-The Tale of Halcyon Crane

Chatelaine, Martha Stewart Living, Shape, Food & Drink, Sauveur, ELLE–the December 2010 editions

That’s about it. That’s what I fill my days with. It’s simple but it keeps me happy. It keeps my mind clear, my stress levels at bay, and it allows me to be the best person I can…most days at least…

I’ve posted about my recent thoughts on body image here, originally posted on my other journal-style blog, LiLi’s Diary.

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  1. November 18, 2010 12:00 pm

    I just wanted to thank you for your very sweet comments on my blog. I hadn’t visited your blog in a while (not just yours, lots of my favourite blogs, time just gets away from me) and last week I spent a very enjoyable time reading about your trip to Italy. You really have a wonderful way of writing and I think you could write about a box of cereal and make it interesting, lol. You have a way of engaging your audience. Thanks again and enjoy the upcoming weekend and let’s hope for some better weather! :o)

    • November 18, 2010 12:30 pm

      What a beautiful comment. Thank you so much Brenda. That just made my day:):)

      I may just take your cereal story advice, I could sing a love song to cereal…it’s a serious addiction of mine;) hehehe

  2. November 24, 2010 8:06 am

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