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Gooey? Peanut Butter and Nutella Brownies…

June 22, 2010

Yesterday, after making it home earlier from work than expected (yipee), I decided to FINALLY make my mom those gooey peanut butter and nutella brownies I promised I would make her for her birthday…which was on Friday. Whatever, don’t judge me, the only reason why I couldn’t get it done is because I was busy making her a storybook..ya, sweet, I know, so I’m excused for the late dessert now, right?

So I thought I was prepared–ingredient wise that is–I had the nutella, the brand new giant PB jar (and yes, Mel this is the first time we’ve had to buy a new one since you left, and no the last jar isn’t even quite finished yet), the full carton of eggs and the butter. But as I got to work I realized, shit, 3/4 cups of cocoa? I only have the equivalent of one teaspoon. But hot chocolate is just the American way of saying cocoa anyways right?….meeehhh, not quite.

I’m a proud baker and my experiments in the 9×13 are usually a success…but last night something went horribly wrong. Despite having been baked for way longer than the suggested 15 minutes, the brownies were no where close to done. I pulled them out anyways, since the edges looked crusty and borderline overdone, even though the whole middle of the cake wobbled like jello as I set it on the counter. So it turns out, Tim Horton’s hot chocolate is not quite the suitable replacement for Fry’s Cocoa…as I later learned from my mom/ baking mentor. Fry’s, being unsweetened, acts somewhat like a flour, whereas the hot chocolate already has sugar added…the reason that prevented my brownies for setting.

But fret not, my sweet friends…whether it be solid, slightly gooey, or completely runny, there is no way to serve peanut butter and nutella that is not deliciously indulgent. So what did I learn from this experience? Hot chocolate=not a baking substitute for brownies, however, may be the secret ingredient for very tasty molten cakes!

Check out the photos on flickr—>

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